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The Memorial Baptist Preschool provides a half day program for children ages 15 months through Pre-Kindergarten based on developmentally appropriate practice.  Our staff create a loving environment where children can learn, grow, play, and pray while promoting an optimal learning experience for each child to develop at their pace.  Our classes allow children to discover with hands on experiences in an active learning environment allowing intentional play as an avenue for building serious skills.  In spite of our technological advances, the current emerging research totally supports restoring play for our young children.  Play is the natural way in which a child’s curiosity helps them learn and explore.  It is through play that children’s imaginations thrive which in turn leads to better problem solving and critical thinking skills later in life.

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2021-2022 Registration Information

updated March 15, 2021

2021-2022 Program Brochure

updated February 2, 2021

2021-2022 Calendar

Updated July 12, 2021

We offer a variety of age appropriate classes operating on the academic year as detailed in our brochure.  We utilize WEE Learn Curriculum as our foundational basis to build upon.  Our classrooms are set up with learning centers that encourage a “play-with-a-purpose” approach.  We allow preschoolers to learn by “doing”.  It is through this process that the children are developing and fine tuning their skills.  The classroom experiences stimulate creativity and self-expression while at the same time developing skills for school-readiness.
The Preschool has been serving the community since 1978 with over 150 children enrolled and a staff of 20.  Our dedicated children’s wing gives us the flexibility to alter our classes to meet the current demand so once you are enrolled there is no lottery system nor waiting in line to register the next year.  Our low teacher:child ratios as well as low teacher turnover each year contribute greatly to the success of our program.  We offer a music class once a week and Big Church each Wednesday for our three year old and up classes.  We also have an early bird program for parents that need an earlier drop off time. For us, our most important quality is that we create a loving environment where children feel loved and can learn and grow in God’s love.

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