Music and Worship Arts

The Music and Worship Arts ministries of The Memorial Baptist Church are built on a rich heritage. Throughout its long history, TMBC has employed music and the arts in the worship of God, in spiritual formation of people of all ages, and in communicating the Gospel.

When we gather each Sunday in the beautiful Sanctuary, our worship expressions include both ancient hymns and newer songs, we are stirred by the majestic sounds of the Casavant pipe organ and the grand piano. Choirs and ensembles for all ages lead and share in worship regularly. Often, the sounds of worship include other instruments.

TMBC offers music and worship arts groups for children, youth, and adults. Choral ensembles, handbell choirs, an instrumental ensemble and other opportunities for spiritual and musical growth are offered. Contact Dr. Andy Roby for more information about the Music and Worship Arts Ministries in general, or about any of the specific opportunities described below.

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir is the weekly worship choir of the church and is open to adults. Auditions are not required to serve in this group, which rehearses weekly on Wednesdays, 7:15-8:30 PM. The Chancel Choir leads in worship most Sunday mornings, singing repertoire from a broad range of styles and genres. Cantatas during special seasons of the Christian year are presented, often with orchestra accompaniment.

Youth/Student Worship Arts

Youth and student music opportunities are a significant part of TMBC’s student ministry. The Student Vocal Ensemble, drawn from students in grades 7-12, meets on Sunday afternoons during the academic year at 5:00 PM, prior to the Sunday Night Youth Group gatherings. College students are also welcome to participate in the the Ensemble. 
Every two to three years, the Ensemble embarks on a week-long music-missions trip. In 2019, the Ensemble toured and served in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA. That trip included a day in New York City capped by attendance at the Broadway musical, Wicked, and a final fun day at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA.

Children’s Music: Growing in Grace

TMBC’s Children and Music Ministries work together in offering Growing in Grace groups for preschoolers and children up through sixth grade on Wednesday nights from September through early May, 6:15-7:15 PM. In these groups, children engage with stories from the Bible, missions and service opportunities, and music. We believe these groups are significant in guiding children in their growing understanding of faith and in learning to become true worshipers of God. The sessions are fun and energetic. All children are welcome to join us!

Handbell Choir

TMBC’s Chancel Handbell Choir meets on Sundays at 5:45 PM throughout the academic year.


Instrumental Ensemble

The Instrumental Ensemble, open to all who play a band or orchestral instrument, plays in worship several times through the academic year. Typically, the group rehearses about once a month on Sunday morning before Sunday School, and then plays in worship two weeks later.

The Organ
Casavant Freres Opus 3877

The original pipe organ for The Memorial Baptist Church dates back to 1912, when the church was located downtown on Greene Street. This organ was tubular-pneumatic, consisting of no more than eight ranks, built by the Estey Organ of Brattleboro, Vermont. It was named Opus 998 by the company This organ served the church faithfully until the 1970s, when the church located to Greenville Boulevard. In 1973, Opus 3171 was built by Casavant Freres of Quebec, Canada. The organ consisted of 31 ranks spread over two manuals and pedal. This instrument was thoroughly enjoyed by the church for many years. It was highly German influenced, boasting bright principals, mixtures, and reeds.

Sadly, in January of 2007, an arson fire was set to The Memorial Baptist Church. The entire Children’s Wing was severely damaged by flames, and the remaining education wing and sanctuary were damaged by smoke and water. Casavant Opus 3171 became in a state of great disrepair. After much inspection and research by the church and the insurance company, it was agreed that Memorial would need a new pipe organ.

Again, Casavant Freres was called and was told of the situation. Immediately, they began work on blueprints for a new organ. It was decided that the new organ would be more French influenced, to produce a warmer, richer tone. Opus 3877 was in the making. Trucks arrived in August of 2008 to deliver and install the new organ. By the end of September, the new organ was ready for use, and was heard for the first time in worship on September 21, 2008.

Opus 3877 contains 28 ranks over two manuals and pedal. It is a true blessing to all those who hear, and it brings great glory to our King each Sunday in worship.

Organ Specifications

Great Organ

Bourdon (Ext.) 16

Prestant 8

Chimney Flute 8

Octave 4

Spire Flute 4

Quint (Ext.) 2-2/3

Cornet II  2-2/3

Doublet 2

Mixture IV 1-1/3

Trumpet 8



Swell Organ

Gambe (GG) 8

Voixcéleste( TC) 8

Cor de nuit 8

Voix éolienne (TC) 8

Fugara 4

Open Flute 4

Flautino 2

Mixture III 1

Bass Clarinet 16

Hautboy 8

Clarinet (Ext.) 8




Trumpet (Great) 8

Clarion (Great 4)

Pedal Division

Contrabass (Ext.) 16

Subbass 16

Octavebass 8

Bass Flute (Ext.) 8

Chimney Flute (Great) 8

Choralbass 4

Posaune 16

Bass Clarinet (Swell) 16

Tromba (Ext.) 8

Trumpet (Great) 8

Clarinet (Swell) 8

Clarion (Great) 4

Clarinet (Great) 4



* Usual sub, unison, and super couplers installed.

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