Boyd Memorial Library

The Boyd Memorial Library catalog is now on-line. The address for the catalog is  Directions for searching are on the opening page.

The Boyd Memorial Library has materials for all ages from toddlers to senior adults. While children have their very own room, youth are not forgotten either with a collection just for them on the shelves behind the desk. Here too is where the popular DVDs such as War Room and The Game Stands Tall sit, waiting for you to check them out and enjoy them.  Biographies, arranged by the subject’s last name, are in this area also.

Special collections for parents and for times of grief are located to the right of the main door. And, of course, the library houses innumerable well known commentaries, devotionals, teaching aides, bible dictionaries, bible atlases, bible studies, books on Christian living, and so much more! You find these to the right of the tables. Books by popular Christian authors such as Beth Moore and Charles Stanley are grouped on the bottom shelves here and are labeled with their names.

To the left of the conference table is the fiction section where books by bestselling inspirational authors such as Dee Henderson, Jerry Jenkins, Karen Kingsbury, Joel Rosenberg, Terri Blackstone, and many more are kept. These books are shelved according to the author’s last name.

If you would like to see a particular book, DVD, bible study, etc. in the collection, please let us know by leaving a note on the library desk. Thank you for your suggestions and for using Boyd Memorial Library.

Come in and check out your media center. There is much to explore!

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