Legacy Gifts

Including God In Your Estate Plans

Do you want to be able to continue supporting future generations of our congregation as they worship God, share Christ, and serve others?


Have you considered giving back to God a portion of your estate in appreciation for the blessings you have received from him?


Have you considered a tithe to TMBC from your estate?


There are many different ways to make a legacy gift. They include…


  1. Making a provision in your will for a gift to TMBC. You can specify the gift being a certain asset, or a $ amount, or a % of your estate’s value.

  2. Designating TMBC as a full or partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy or your IRA

  3. Donating appreciated assets like stock or real estate while you are still alive, to maximize tax benefits

Your legacy gift may be given as an unrestricted gift to the church or designated to support a specific ministry or mission of the church.  You may also choose between placing your legacy gift in a designated fund, to be spent as needed, or in an endowed fund, which will provide financial support in perpetuity.


The TMBC Endowment Team is here to help you with your legacy gift. From information and ideas about making a gift, to preparing a fund agreement that specifies how your gift is to be used, to receiving your gift, and then making sure that your gift is being managed in accordance with your wishes. We also encourage you to talk with you own personal financial advisors before making any final decisions.


If you have questions or want more information on legacy giving please contact one of our ministers or a member of the TMBC Endowment Team.

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