Taking the Next Step

TMBC’s Taking the Next Step Generosity Intiative is an opportunity to discover the joy of growing in your relationship with God as you experience living generously in your personal walk and in service to others. This promises to be a transformational time in the life of TMBC. Will you take the next step?

The focus of Taking the Next Step is on our need as a follower of Jesus to give rather than the church’s need to get. You will not hear about next year’s budget or the financial needs of the church. You will hear what God has to say to us about giving, about the foundational giving principles of the Bible and how your life and faith will be impacted as you take the next step in the Giving Path. 

How much do you need to give? That’s between you and God. We believe our success lies in the spiritual growth of each person as they respond to what God wants for them.  Prayer should be the focus as you seek the answer to this question: “Lord, where would You want me to be in my giving?”  




The Giving Path

As we walk on the Pathways to Generosity, we are moving forward in our spiritual journeys to be more like Christ. Jesus said, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

The Giving Path can also be utilized to measure the time and talent you offer to God and His church. Begin by attending or volunteering in a new activity at TMBC, increase the amount of time and talent you are offering until your life and those around you are transformed by your generosity.

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