Associate Pastor: Minister of Families, Formation, and Community Engagement

To provide youth, children, and their families an intentional Christian focus which supports the overall mission and ministries of The Memorial Baptist Church (TMBC). This Associate Pastor shall also transform lives for God through Christian nurturing and teaching. He/she shall build a growing and vibrant youth and children’s ministry, as well as enhance the overall mission of the church through spiritual formation and engagement within the community.

1. Be accountable to the church through the Deacon Council and under the immediate supervision of the Senior Pastor
2. Maintain a close relationship with all staff members and lay leadership
3. Coordinate and maintain a relationship with task force volunteers in the areas of children and youth ministries
4. Serve as a liaison to the TMBC Preschool program and provide ministering opportunities to the children and families and develop and maintain an active outreach ministry to preschoolers, grade-schoolers and their families
5. Develop and maintain connections, partnerships, and relationships within the greater community that will further enhance the missions and ministries of TMBC

Primary Strategies
1. The Minister of Families shall focus on the spiritual development of youth (from 6th grade – 12th grade) through Bible study, discipleship, missions, counseling, and parental support and coordinate these same efforts utilizing volunteers in the area of children (from birth to 5th grade).
2. The minister shall work with parents to build Christ-filled families through relationship building and activities that enhance and enrich the family.
3. The minister shall lead and coordinate task force volunteers for effective leadership in discipleship, relationship building, missions, and community involvement.
4. The minister shall develop strategies and opportunities to connect and engage the community.
5. The minister shall keep informed about current ministry ideas, resources, and methods in children, youth and family ministries.
6. The minister shall counsel regularly with the Senior Pastor, staff, and members of the church.
7. The minister shall also perform other duties as appropriate and assigned by the Senior Pastor.
8. The minister’s personal priorities are to be Christ first, family second, and then the church.

Detailed Responsibilities
A. Be a spiritual leader and minister of the church
The minister’s life should set a Christian example. He/she is to express the love of Jesus to all people in and out of the church. The minister shall provide spiritual counseling in confidence and in support for youth, children, and families.

B. Minister to youth, children, and families
The minister shall establish visions and goals for the youth and children’s ministries, in coordination with leadership task forces, to guide, promote, and administer the faith education and spiritual development of youth and children (pre-school – 12th grade). The minister shall coordinate schedules for youth and children’s programs/activities which follow an organizational structure conducive to enthusiastic participation by the youth, children, and their families. He/she shall provide guidance and counsel to youth, children and their families and visit prospective and/or inactive youth/children and those with specific needs. The minister shall engage in an active outreach program to families in the community. He/she shall coordinate special events, fellowships, and ministry opportunities for children and youth which include, but are not limited to, special projects such as seasonal/special events, camps, summer and winter activities, banquets, retreats, mission and service activities, and fellowship opportunities.

The minister shall seek methods to enhance and enrich the relationships between children/youth and parents or guardians. The minister shall be available to interact with parents and children/youth in settings outside the church, which include, but are not limited to, special events, sporting events, school functions, recitals, and concerts. The minister shall create an environment for new families to interact with other families through various avenues that connect families into the larger culture of the church.

C. Enhance the mission of the church through spiritual formation and community engagement
The minister shall engage the community through various ways and opportunities in an effort to share Christ and connect others to TMBC. Even though the primary responsibility of this minister is his/her work with families, he/she shall be responsible for engaging the community through a visible presence and an active role. The minister shall seek and locate area mission opportunities and future ministry partners and serve as a liaison to all groups seeking partnership with the church. The minister shall serve in the formation of members and future members through connecting persons within the life of the church and community.

D. Perform administrative functions
The minister shall attend staff meetings, visit members and prospective members, participate in hospital visitation and perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor. He/she shall participate in worship leadership including, but not limited to, the children and youth service activities. He/she shall engage the community through ongoing partnerships and relationships with community leaders, missional neighbors, and other agencies that will enrich the ongoing mission of TMBC. The minister shall supervise all personnel serving in and through the children and youth ministries, facilitating schedules that support planned activities (such as those of paid childcare workers and church member volunteers), and provide training, encouragement, and guidance as needed. The minister shall prepare and oversee a ministry budget for youth, children, and families; communicate regularly with this group via newsletters, website, and mailings; and maintain an activities calendar.

Hours of Employment
This is a full-time professional ministry position.

1. Earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university–M.Div or equivalent preferred
2. Related experience/training
3. Theological doctrine and statement of beliefs aligned with TMBC as a church affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
4. Ability to work with a team, but also with little or no direct supervision, taking initiative to fulfill prescribed duties, strategies and responsibilities
5. Proficiency in oral and written communication including electronic communication (i.e., internet, email, etc.)

Send resume to with the subject line – Associate Pastor position.



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City of Greenville & Pitt County

Greenville is growing! The amount of changes that have occurred in this county of about 100,000 people in the last five years has been tremendous with more to come. Home to East Carolina University, Pitt Community College, pharmaceutical companies, Vidant Medical Center and much more, Greenville is eastern NC’s “big’ city. Greenville has a lot to offer but you are also a short drive from Atlantic Beach, the Outer Banks and some of NC’s oldest towns filled with history and charm.


Pitt County Schools

TMBC is invested in our public schools and partners with Eastern Elementary School and EB Aycock Middle School to help support some of the most vulnerable students in our area and help cheer on the teachers and staff who serve in these schools. Candidates with school-age children will be pleased with the options in Pitt County. There are also many private school options.


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