Mission Statement

Our Core Values

Values are deeply held beliefs and principles that are shared among all the members and future members of TMBC.  Our values create a moral compass to guide our decision-making. TMBC’s Core Values are:

A. Missions (at home and elsewhere)
B. Worship (personal emotional experience)
C. Fellowship (engaging and caring)
D. Spiritual growth
E. Bible-based teaching and preaching
F. Participation in activities and decision-making
G. Open communication

Our Mission

A church’s mission statement neatly explains the church’s reason for existence, its fundamental purpose. A mission answers questions like, “Why are we here?”, “Why do we exist?”, “Why do we do what we do?”, “For whom?” A mission statement communicates purpose and direction for those within and outside the church.

The Mission of The Memorial Baptist Church is to

“Worship God, Share Christ, and to Serve Others.”

Our Vision

A church’s vision is a statement of what or how things could be in the future if they work at listening to God’s leadership and moving with the Spirit.  It guides and gives direction.

The Vision Statement of the Memorial Baptist Church is to
“Become a missional* church spreading the love of Christ through Bible-based preaching, teaching, Bible study and hands-on ministry.”

*The Missional Church
“Much of the language of the church has been built around the concept of missions. We collect mission offerings and we send people to the mission fields. But this language suggests that mission is a program of the church. Therefore, it becomes optional. But being the missional church means being the presence of Christ in this world. It means offering ourselves in service and asking for nothing in return. It means living the mission of Christ.”

Adapted from work by Dr. Bo Prosser, Coordinator of Congregational Life for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

At TMBC we are moving forward in our journey:

FROM attracting a crowd, TO seeking the lost

FROM programming, TO ministry

FROM cultural aversion, TO cultural immersion

FROM congregation focus, TO kingdom focus

FROM independent, TO interdependent

FROM competitive, TO collaborative

FROM tradition-bound, TO innovative

FROM clergy-driven, TO people-of-God driven

FROM low-tech, TO high-tech, high touch

FROM member monopolizing, TO member liberating

FROM slot-filling, TO gifts releasing

FROM departmental culture, TO network culture

FROM institutional preservation, TO self-sacrifice (giving ourselves away)

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