But what is “seersucker” you ask?  Think Ben Matlock, Atticus Finch and the Kentucky Derby.  Seersucker is a practical cotton fabric that is breathable, dries quickly, and looks good straight out of the laundry.  First brought to the U.S. by the British Indies as early as 1694, it gets its name from the Persian description of “milk and sugar.”  Joseph Haspel, Sr., of Haspel Clothing in New Orleans began creating lightweight overalls from seersucker for workers in the humid summers of Louisiana.  Seersucker soon gained popularity among many southern states when Haspel used it for suits.

For TMBC, it’s simply a fun way to gather together, celebrate the summer, and fellowship among friends.  We hope you will join us on July 15, wearing your best seersucker suit, tie, shirt, dress, shorts, or whatever you may have and stay immediately after worship for a summer treat!  See you then!


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