Proteins:   7.5-oz microwavable bowls of Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli, Beefaroni, Spaghettios, Beef Lasagna, etc., and 4.75-oz cans of Vienna Sausages or Beanie Weanies

Fruits:       Individual cups of applesauce (plain, cinnamon, etc) and fruit cups (peaches, pears, mangos, mixed fruit cocktail, etc)

Grains:      1.2-oz boxes of breakfast cereal (any type), Pop Tarts (any flavor), chewy granola bars (any flavor), and fruit cereal bars (any flavor)

Juices:      10 or 12 packs of juice boxes or bags (any flavor)

Snacks:     Individual pudding cups (any flavor), 1-oz bags of Cheez-Its Crackers, 1-oz bags of Ritz-Bits Crackers, 1.375-oz sleeves of Lance Crackers (any flavor), 1-oz bags of pretzels, individual-size boxes of raisins, and individual packs of fruit chews.

 Collection point is located outside the Fellowship Hall near the church offices. 


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